Meet The Team

Rahul Bagga

Founding Partners of Samkhya IP

Rahul Bagga is one of the Founding Partners of Samkhya IP. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of Aumirah and its affiliate, Aumirah Analytics. Rahul leads a spirited, extremely busy and capable, high performing and happy team of young and experienced legal professionals, IP specialists/attorneys and tech/patent/business analyst at Aumirah ...His mission is to set new trends in IP management and to build the most formidable IP team of India and world. Through, Samkhya, Rahul together with his partners, intends to define IP services for life sciences industry across the world, with particular focus on startups and SMEs.
Rahul has more than 13 years of experience in practice of patent laws across several countries and cities, apart from 2 years he spent working in labs. In his career, he has worked as in-house counsel as well as off-counsel to several start-ups, MSMEs, incubators and MNCs. Rahul is a mentor to start-ups in several incubators in India such as Nexus [by US Embassy], Indigram Labs, Aspire Labs, IIITD Incubator, Goa State Innovation Council and more. Rahul has worked with boutique IP firms, government-controlled organisations, as in-house counsel and IP head to mid-sized enterprises.
Rahul specializes in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in various technical fields across prominent jurisdictions of world such as USA, Europe, India, Singapore, Malaysia, EAPO, UK, Japan, China, Australia, South American countries, Gulf countries, OAPI/ARIPO and more. He also specializes in providing pre-filing advisory, oppositions, invalidations and litigations, and preparing statements/counter-statements. Rahul specialises, particularly, in drafting IPR related opinions backed with detailed study of the landscape, law and technology at hand.
Rahul is MSc DIC in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London and is a registered Indian Patent Agent.

Sukriti Goyal


Ms. Sukriti Goyal has a masters degree in Biotechnology from IIT, Mumbai, and is a Registered Indian patent agent, also holds the degree of Master of Business Laws from NILSIU, Bangalore, India. She has more than ten years of IP experience including working in DuPont as a patent analyst for more than eight years before setting up her own firm. She has expertise in Patent Analyses, Searching, FTOs, Invalidity, Mapping Innovation, IP strategy, Drafting. She has worked on various complex searches based on biological sequences and/or chemicals compounds and their analysis.

Puneeta Arora


Dr. Puneeta Arora is a PhD from CCMB, and has done post doc from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She is also a registered Indian patent agent, with more than nine years of IP experience, which includes working in DuPont India as a patent liaison for more than six years before setting up her own firm. She has expertise in various domains Patent Drafting, Filing , Prosecution, FTO, Mapping Innovation, IP strategy and Technology Licensing.She has drafted and prosecuted complex/intricate/core patent applications in the domain of biosciences and chemical sciences.